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Welcome to Scalp & Hair Loss Treatment Centre. Our Certified Trichologist Technician and professional team, believe in delivering the very best experience of services for every client. Our goal is to provide solutions to Women, Men, Children, and more with Scalp and Hair Loss problems with information and Treatment Solutions with a Specific plan that is designed for each client diagnosed.

A Professional Assessment together with a HAIR and SCALP ANALYSIS will be performed using a MICRO CAMERA with Sophisticated and Unique Software to identify the cause of your Scalp condition and Hair Loss.

We offer Treatment Solutions to all Scalp & Hair Loss problems. Aliments on the scalp such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Damaged Scalp from Chemical Burns, Hair Loss after Pregnancy, ( please see us during pregnancy), Dandruff, Oily and Dry Scalp, Dry Brittle Hair, Cradle Cap on young children, and scalp treatment for Chemotherapy & Cranial Radiotherapy client.

Our Trichologist Expert will answer all your questions and will provide you with the best solution for you.

Schedule your appointment NOW, and START YOUR PREVENTION to RESTORE the NATURAL Balance of your Scalp.

Thank you
Annie Palmer
Trichologist Technician

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